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1st Boomin Body of the Month

Boomin Body is made up of so many incredible people! I would like to help us all get to know each other better. We can inspire each other to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Also, I’d like to recognize members who have been dedicated to their fitness goals. So I have decided that each month, I will announce a “Boomin Body of the Month” beginning in August. I am pleased to announce our first official Boomin Body of the Month (drum roll, please…) – Abby Stucker!

I can not take credit (though I would like to) for Abby’s boomin’ body – she had that before she joined the Boomin Body Family – but I think, and I hope she would agree, that Boomin Body has ignited even more BOOM within her. She came to her first Boomin Body class about 2 years ago, after we’d just met at Grant Park for a Children’s Center playdate and then bumped into each other again at Gold Star Gymnastics. After telling her only a little bit about Boomin Body, I was thrilled that she actually came to Zumba, was even brave enough to stand in front with me, and when the dance party was over, she said “I loved it!”

Since then, she comes regularly to Tuesday and Saturday classes, bringing along her bright smile, 1-3 of her sons when necessary and sometimes her mother, sister or friend from out-of-town, and always promising her husband to make pancakes as soon as she gets back on Saturday mornings – as it is Stucker Family tradition. You see, although Abby is dedicated to her workout regimen and her newfound love for social fitness, she is and always has been a die-hard Family Woman – an amazing mother, a wonderful wife and an exceptional homemaker. She gives so much of herself to her children, especially her creativity and fantastic story-telling skills. Abby tells the silliest, most suspenseful stories to these kids – made up right off the top of her head and delivered with such dramatic fun and conviction. In today’s world of kids’ eyeballs staring at smartphones or iPads, it’s very impressive the way she captivates her child audience – they hang on her every word! She’s also a fabulous cook – always looking for new, healthy recipes to serve to her family and friends. She completely transformed her kitchen in record time – much faster than the gazillion other remodels currently underway in Los Altos – and it is absolutely gorgeous. And with all her spare time 😉 , she manages to volunteer regularly for her children’s schools.

So you’re probably wondering – what is her workout regimen? Having just joined the 40-year-old club last month (Happy Birthday Abby!), how does she keep that boomin’ body? On most days of the week, she has already done a workout before 7:30 AM which includes 3-6 miles of running or 40-minutes on her Nordic Track, lots of ab crunches and push-ups, weight-lifting once per week, Zumba twice per week, boot camp on Fridays and occasionally Yoga on Sundays. This program works for her, and coming to Zumba has been a great compliment to her routine. She admits that dancing, laughing and letting loose with our group of friendly women is much more fun than working out alone.

Abby recently completed a Tough Mudder with a group of Oak Elementary parents. I remember that Abby was a great sport when she first told us she was going to do it. Having never heard of it before, we were teasing and giving her a hard time because it sounded like a young mothers’ mud-wrestling match which may or may not involve white tank tops and spraying water hoses. To be clear, it is absolutely NOT that! Tough Mudder is an endurance event including 10–12-mile-long military-style obstacle courses, designed by British Harvard post-grads to test mental and physical strength. Not knowing for certain what to expect, Abby prepared for and completed the 5-hr event in Tahoe and was emotionally moved and visibly invigorated by the whole thing. I commend Abby for taking that risk and persisting, despite some hesitance. Clearly, it was a very positive, respectable, healthy experience. In addition to her fitness endeavors, Abby consistently keeps an active lifestyle for herself and her family – heading out to parks, beaches, swimming pools, whenever possible, and she is very supportive of her husband’s love of tennis.

Lastly, I want to point out that Abby, like myself, has developed an outlet for her passion. Abby is very crafty! Her passion is sewing and crafting, and she is so good at it! She owns her own business, Phoebe & Claire, where she designs and sells her hand-made tote bags (perfectly sized for water bottle, hand weights and towel), aprons, cute hair bands (for keeping hair out of your face while you exercise) and tooth-fairy pillows. Click here to check out her Etsy site. You’ll see her products are bright, colorful and stylish – a fitting representation of Abby’s zest for life!

So, thank you Abby for being a strong woman, a dear friend, a healthy, cheerful person, a loving mother, a dedicated wife, an avid supporter of Boomin Body, and an inspiration to all of us! You are the perfect first Boomin Body of the Month!

Happy August (Back-to-School Month) to all of you, Boomin Body Friends and Family! Click here to view or sign up for your next Boomin Body fitness class. Please comment, share and check back with this blog for weekly health and fitness posts and to find out who will be the Boomin Body of September!?11220140_10204884976674261_9150692219475924521_n