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1st Boomin Body of 2016!

IUnknownt’s fitting that Wendy is our first Boomin Body of the year! If each of us has a positive attitude like hers at the beginning of each year, each month, each day,… good things will happen! I am always happy when Wendy walks in. She has been coming for about 4 years, always bubbly and cheerful. She brings great energy to Zumba, Strong and Yoga classes, and I love it! Thank you Wendy for making classes even more fun and for sharing your thoughts and words with us:

“ZUMBA!  Zumba is such a beautiful combination of art and exercise, dance moves partnering with aerobic steps.  And the music!  What a delightful bonus!!” 

I had enjoyed step aerobics in the past; but, much to my dismay,  my knees complained after half a year.  For the longest time, elliptical trainers were my best choice until I tried Zumba 3 years ago.  I must say that enjoying the workout is key to sustaining a regular exercise regimen.  Zumba truly fits the bill!!

“I believe in taking care of the body, mind, and spirit in order for a person to be utterly healthy.”

My profession as a physician convinces me that addressing all these aspects is integral to health and happiness.  Besides the tangible physical benefits, regular exercise can have an effect on the channels that produce neurotransmitters such as serotonin, dopamine and norepinephrine and possibly others, thereby improving cognition and sense of well-being.  One can even extrapolate that to stress management,  THAT we all can benefit from as I’m sure that you, like most of us, have a full plate.

WIMG_5549ork, family, and church life fill my days.  I got my husband into day hikes; then later, we got our kids to do the same.  Hiking up Shirley Canyon Trail at Squaw in Lake Tahoe has been a birthday tradition for my teenage daughter for the past 7 years.  My son enjoys, yes, the nature!  We appreciate the beauty of our national parks and the opportunities they provide us to reconnect within ourselves, with others, and with the nature.  National Park Service is an organization worthy of our support:

“Classical music is another love of mine.  I know, it’s old fashioned.  But it is beautiful!  KDFC is on my car radio’s preset button.”  



Now, don’t get me started on my passion… cooking!  Given time constraints, I only do simple (not multi-step) and hopefully healthy
dishes, something that is a delight to the sight, smell and taste.  “What a blessing that I get to work on my hobbies everyday!”

IMG_6024Now, I must mention here that I have an identical twin, I mean, identical!  She taught at Los Altos High School for 10 years before she got married and moved to Colorado.  Her former students still mistake me for her nowadays.  If you wave at me or say hi to me only to see a blank expression on my face, please allow my sister to introduce herself.

 “Here’s to ZUMBA!”